A Potentially Historic Snowstorm Is Coming for the Northeast & New England This Weekend

A May snowstorm is coming to make us feel even stranger about our life situation.

It seems almighty Zeus has decided our current life circumstances aren't historic enough, so he's throwing a little May snowstorm into the mix. Forecasts are predicting parts of the Northeast and New England are going to reach record low temperatures this weekend and could see everything from a dusting to 6-8 inches of snow. 

Um, OK then. I guess we'll have to stay in, huh? Aha. Ha. We're looking at a building snowstorm late on Friday and unseasonable cold temperatures on Saturday, according to a report by NBC News. The states most likely to see snow are New York (most notably Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton, Albany), Pennsylvania (Scranton), and Vermont (Burlington). Otherwise, there will definitely be some rain, 40mph wind, and probably weird vibes. 

This is all happening because, basically, a storm will mosey into Northeast territory on Friday and do a little jig with the Arctic air (shout out to the polar vortex). This sort of meeting brings big wet snowflakes. 

By the way, as you're reading this, a little less than 50 million folks are already under freeze watches and warnings from the Upper Midwest to the Appalachians, and it's estimated that around 75 million people will wake up to sub-freezing temperatures. Most of these people will be located in Buffalo, Nashville, Memphis, Baltimore, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Little Rock, Montgomery, and Shreveport.

While my home city of New York ranks no. 20 in the list of states with the worst winters, temperatures may dip into the 30s. According to NBC, that hasn't happened this time of year since 1978.

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.