'Hold My Avocado' Has Become a Meme for a Really Weird Reason

hold my avocado
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Okay, all you jive turkeys, turn on your listening ears. Your days of shouting "Holy guacamole!" are over. There's a phat new catchphrase all the kids are using when they're not fidget spinning on the Snapchat with their pocket computers. 

TIME Magazine has proclaimed that "hold my avocado" is "the viral catchphrase millennials have been looking for." Millennials and avocados are truly the Corey and Topanga of generational coupling. They'll be together forever, or at least until the show gets canceled.

The phrase comes from Google Ventures partner and self-proclaimed "Gen Xer" Ken Norton, who tweeted the phrase earlier in the week. 

The "zeitgeist-encapsulating" joke is a play on the familiar "hold my beer" meme. Time explains that and much more in the article, noting, “‘hold my avocado’ is a quick way to denote the contemporary millennial experience: seeking luxury wellness, but potentially derailed by sociopolitical developments.”

The phrase has actually caught on, and it even got its own "moment" on Twitter. It hasn't exactly caught on as a catchphrase, though.

In the end, "hold my avocado" is everywhere right now. Just in a slightly different way than predicted. 

h/t Daily Dot

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