This Holiday Food Segment Went Horribly Wrong on Live TV

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While many people turn to cooking delicious comfort foods or baking as a practical distraction from holiday stress, it can be easy to crack under the pressure of having to bring a side dish to a family gathering when you're already busy with work, travel, and last-minute shopping. Well, at least that's what happened to a TV news host, who recently shared her attempt at a holiday recipe with her coworkers on live TV. And, uh, let's just say it doesn't go very well.

During a recent holiday food segment, Leslie Horton of Global News Calgary in Canada, said she didn't want to make anything for the holidays, but ultimately gave into pressure from her family by making a simple artichoke dip. Horton admits that "something went terribly wrong" in preparing the sludgy concoction, but that doesn't stop her from spooning it onto some crackers for her fellow hosts to sample while on the air. Their reactions -- even before they eat the stuff -- are, well, understandable. Oh, and priceless.

"Is it edible?" one of the hosts asks, while another host tries his hardest not to spit the sample out. He eventually caves and ditches it in a napkin. Meanwhile, another host simply says, "it burns," while trying to chew a piece. Thankfully, there's water nearby to help wash the taste out of their mouths.

All said, if you're too busy to cook for the holidays, then maybe you shouldn't -- grab something pre-made at the store instead. Oh, and you might want to just spare your coworkers from your failed cooking attempts. 

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