The Gift We All Need Is a Vacation After Our Holiday Vacation

A new survey shows we could all use some relaxation after the stress of holiday travel.

While the holiday season can be a holly jolly time for many, it can also bring up a lot of stress. From rushing around gathering and packing presents and hectic holiday travel to spending time with family. And while deep down you do love that kooky aunt or eccentric cousin, some folks are just best in small doses, and it can be…a lot. So it's no surprise that a recent poll shows that most travelers this time of year feel they still need a vacation even after their holiday vacation.

A survey of 2,000 US holiday travelers, conducted by OnePoll and IHG Hotels & Resorts, showed that 71% of travelers said they need a separate vacation to unwind and relax after spending time with family during the holidays.

More than half of the people surveyed said they plan on staying at hotels for a break during the holidays instead of bunking with family and friends. The top reasons respondents cited for booking a room away from festivities include having more space to yourself, access to quiet time, being taken care of by someone else, and not having to clean up after meals (which, if you've ever been stuck on dish duty after a big Feast of the Seven Fishes family meal, yeah, you for sure want someone else cleaning up).

While spending some solo time during the holidays, travelers said they were most eager to take a nap in a cozy, spacious bed (a far cry from sleeping in your childhood twin bed on Christmas Eve), soaking in a jacuzzi (holiday or not, that is one activity we always look forward to), and booking a calming spa day (once again, give us that sweet escape any day of the year). "When travelers are ready for a break during or after the holiday season, they can show up as themselves and leave the rest to us," Connor Smith, VP of masterbrand strategy at IHG, said in a statement provided to Thrillist.

So don't feel too guilty if you find yourself dreaming of a vacation during your travels this season, and make sure to plan on finding some time to unwind during or after the holidays. You deserve it.

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