Last Halloween's 12-Foot Yard Skeleton Is Back with a Creepy New Friend

Home Depot is bringing back the 12-foot skeleton that sold out last year, and it has a friend.

Halloween skeleton 12 foot
Photo courtesy of Home Depot
Photo courtesy of Home Depot

Last year's viral Halloween moment wasn't an unexpected costume but a massive skeleton yard decoration from Home Depot. It was all over social media, and by the time you may have seen it, the $300 decoration was already sold out.

The house-sized skeleton is coming back for Halloween 2021, Home Depot has announced. It'll be on sale starting July 16 as part of a huge Halloween collection that is coming out earlier than any other year. The company has not-so-secretly been a favorite for many Halloween enthusiasts, and this year there are more than 100 new items in addition to the decorations that were previously part of its Halloween collection. 

Not only is the 12-foot skeleton back for 2021, it has a friend. The Giant-Sized Inferno Pumpkin is also 12-feet-tall. It has moving LED eyes like the original, but also has a fiery torso that lights up and is able to be plugged in to be charged. The original skeleton cost $300, but the new one will set you back a little bit more at $350. 

It's pretty massive, but the company says it sets up in about 10 minutes. So, you aren't going to have to put too much time into being the house that causes traffic problems in your neighborhood. 

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