Watch This Homeowner Catch a Package Thief, Yell at Her Through Her Security System

When you're caught in the wrong, opinions differ on what you should do. Maybe you should fess up and make amends. Maybe you should lie, lie, and lie some more and just tell yourself your means are justified. We're not going to come down on either side of that debate today, we're just going to show you an impressive example of the latter strategy. 

This is a video of a homeowner catching a package thief on their doorstep. You don't see someone caught with their hand in the cookie jar like this over the age of 10 very often, so it's a great case study. The opportunist loads boxes from the porch into her car for a full minute before she's confronted by a voice from the heavens -- or, more accurately, from a security system. 

"What are you doing?" the voice asks. 

"Is this Debra's house?" the alleged thief retorts, all innocence.

It's utterly seamless, and you have to admire how smooth her deception is. The homeowner tells her to put the packages back and she does, sticking to her story all the while. 

Here's what the homeowner told ViralHog:

"I was at work on lunch break when my RING app went off letting me someone was at the front door via motion detection. I usually ignore it because it goes off a lot due to trees blowing in wind makes it go off. When I checked it, I saw this lady walking around her car and opening the door. At first, I thought she maybe she was delivering my packages, but then it became clear she was not. I decided to confront her through the RING app and she was clearly caught off guard and she made up a story that she thought she was at Debra's house. I was confused about how she would have the wrong house. She actually put the packages back on the porch. I called the police and they reviewed the video, assuring me she was a professional thief. They did not recognize her but knew her antics. The police were impressed about the quality of a doorbell camera and asked what was in the packages she was trying to take. I told them each box was 35 lbs of kitty litter."

Honestly, this sounds a lot like an attempt at a viral ad from the RING app, but it's hard to know for sure. But there's one takeaway here for sure: Protect your kitty litter. P​​​​eople will steal it.


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