This Super Rare Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Is Being Sold for $209 a Pound


I'll know I've made it when I can browse the fancy cheese section and toss any old wedge in my cart without checking the price. Now that, my friends, is what I like to call financial stability. But I could strike gold, win the lotto, etc. etc. and still not justify a $209-per-pound cheddar purchase. 

Someone, however, must be willing to drop that kind of cash, because a Wisconsin-based cheese shop is selling a super rare 20-year-old cheddar for as much -- and this isn't even the first time it has done so. Back in 2015, owners Tony and Julie Hook sold their entire 450-pound stock in two days. That's over $94,000 in cheddar cheese -- which, FYI, is more than the average US household income.

Now they're gearing up for their second sale and on May 23, all 500 pounds of it will be available for purchase. And a number of supermarkets and distributors have already reserved a share. It'll likely be available at Metcalfe's Market, Whole Foods, and Hy-Vee, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. If you're in the area, you can swing by and place an order at Larry's Market (in Milwaukee), but only until January 27 and in increments of 4 ounces, 8 ounces, and 1 pound. 

Need an excuse to pony up a chunk of your savings on food that you will, presumably, eat, here it is: According to Tony Hook, half the proceeds will be donated to the Dairy Innovation Hub for research at the University of Wisconsin. Buying this stupid expensive cheese almost makes you philanthropic! Congrats! 

h/tThe Takeout

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