Hooters Is Rolling Out New Wings With Half the Calories

Courtesy of Hooters

Hooters is known for its classic saucy buffalo wings -- among, uh, other things -- but the chicken chain has taken the new year as an opportunity to introduce healthier options to the menu. In early January, a plant-based boneless alternative hit stores, and now, Hooters is debuting all-new Roasted Wings, boasting half the calories.  

While the term "healthier" might feel like code for inferior tasting wings, it's simply not the case here. The roasted variant is still smothered in the sauce or dry rub of your choosing. And let's be real, that's the best part.  

"Keep on track with your New Year’s resolution without giving up your favorite foods," the company said in a statement earlier this month. "Hooters roasted wings are roasted to seal in the moisture and provide a crispy skin, offering a healthy alternative with fewer calories than our original wings."

Now if you want to abandon your whole clean eating schtick and save money instead, you're in luck. Hooters is giving away 10 free Boneless Wings on February 14 and the way to get them is therapeutic. You just have to destroy a picture -- digitally or IRL -- of your ex.

Count us in.

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 Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her @MegSchaltegger.