Hooters Is Trolling Buffalo Wild Wings & Offering Free Wings During the Super Bowl

free wings super bowl
Courtesy of Hooters

Saying you go to Hooters for the wings is the fast-casual version of saying you read it for the articles. However, if you do go for the wings, you might be able to get a little extra for free this weekend.

Buffalo Wild Wings is offering free wings if the Super Bowl goes into overtime. However, those free wings aren't landing on your plate until a couple of weeks after the game. Overtly calling out the B-Dubs deal, Hooters is offering something similar. If the game goes to overtime -- something that's not super likely -- Hooters will give you a totally free order of wings right then and there. 

You don't have to buy anything or really do anything special if the game should require extra time. You'll get an order of six wings with whatever sauce you'd like. Though, you will have to dine-in. The freebie isn't available to-go.

Hooters is pitching this as the simple alternative to its rival's annual Super Bowl promo, as though Buffalo Wild Wings is pulling one over on you for having the free wings come on a Monday later in the month. That's partially fair, but Hooters is doing something similar. You'll have to already be at a Hooters -- presumably drinking and eating -- before you'll get that instant gratification that comes with its promotion. Nonetheless, if that's where you're watching the Super Bowl, you could land some free wings, and that's information worth tucking away with the rest of the prop bets you're making on Sunday. 

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