Hop Valley Brewing Company Is Celebrating 20 Years of 'Zoolander' with a Big Giveaway

Here’s how to win $5,000 and a very special center for ants.

Courtesy of Hop Valley Brewing Company

It's somehow already the 20th anniversary of Zoolander, a prescient film in which Ben Stiller wears a lot of bold prints and leather. To honor this momentous passage of time, Hop Valley Brewing Company in Eugene, Oregon is releasing Orange Mocha Stashaccino, a limited edition beer cocktail.

The beverage has citrus, vanilla, and mocha notes and is made from a citrus pale ale and mocha liqueur. The beverage itself is only for sale at the brewery, but Zoolander fans outside of Oregon fear not. There's an opportunity to win a very special prize.

Riffing on the concept of a "center for ants," Hop Valley created an ant-sized replica of its brewery. It comes with a tasting room, an outside restaurant, a brewing production room, an inventory room with ant-sized cases of beer and an ant-sized forklift, and a chill area where ants can relax on a couch and play games. Hop Valley has confirmed that it is a fully functional ant farm. Outfitted to the bottom is something more functional for humans, a mini-fridge.

You can enter to win this incredibly unique ant farm by texting ANTS to 90464 before October 1. Not only will you win a new beer-themed home for some creepy crawlies, but you will also get $5,000 toward a trip to visit the actual human-sized brewery in Oregon. The full contest rules are listed here.

In the last 20 years, we've learned there's more to life than just being ridiculously good-looking—there's also good beer.

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