You Can Actually Hold Cheap Flight Prices Now, Thanks to This Travel App

Booking flights is all about timing. You scour for the best dates, carriers, and travel hubs, only to stress-purchase the first reasonably-priced airfare out fear that the tickets will skyrocket later. Sometimes the tactic pays off, other times it does not. But now, Hopper is eliminating the potential for buyer's remorse. 

The airfare forecasting app has introduced a freeze feature that lets you hold a ticket price for up to seven days. And it's super easy. You'll have to fork over a small deposit in order to lock in the price you find, but you'll get a full refund once you've booked that flight -- or any other for that matter, the company said in a press release.  

"Customers come to Hopper to save time and money during their travel booking process," Chief Strategy Officer Dakota Smith told Travel & Leisure. "Hopper’s core value [proposition] is that we ease anxiety about pricing volatility. Price freeze is a natural continuation of that." 

In fact, the feature has already resulted in major savings for travelers in a trial run. Customers have averaged $80 off when using the Price Freeze and $200 off for those pricey holiday trips, according to Hopper.

Hopper reportedly began rollout in late August for about 30,000 customers. And while every flight isn't included, there's about 90% availability for the feature. 

"When we find customers a great deal, there’s a lot of anxiety that that deal won’t be available when customers are ready to make their booking decision. You might not be ready to make that purchasing decision without speaking to others," Smith said. "Hopper wants to ease anxiety, save customers money, save them time. [With this], we move closer and closer to that goal." 

h/tTravel & Leisure 

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