Freeze Hotel Prices Before Committing with Hopper's New Feature

Hopper will also cover the difference should the price go up.

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Great deals come and go, sometimes too fast for you to cash in on them. How many times have you started planning a getaway just to have prices creep up on you when you're finally ready to book? It happens all the time, but it looks like Hopper has a solution.

The app is rolling out a new feature called Price Freeze for Hotels that will allow hopeful travelers to hang onto sweet deals when they find them. The freeze is good for up to 60 days, according to Travel + Leisure, so you can find a deal and take a few nights to sleep on it or discuss it with whoever you're traveling with before you pull the trigger on booking. There is one small catch, however.

To lock in a price, travelers will have to put down a deposit. The deposit will be a percentage of the stay, but it's transferable. That means if you change your mind, or find a better hotel, you can just apply your deposit to the new hotel.

"As travelers look to get back out there this summer, demand for hotel rooms is surging, causing prices to skyrocket," a Hopper representative told Travel + Leisure, adding that Hopper has seen a 130% increase in hotel room searches since the beginning of the year, and that searches for hotels in May were up 22% compared to April. "Hopper's Price Freeze is the perfect tool to lock in low hotel rates now before they rise with demand this summer."

Although it costs money to use, the Price Freeze for Hotels tool has some serious perks. Aside from not missing out on good deals on hotel stays, Hopper has promised to cover a difference of up to $100 if the price of your booking goes up from when you freeze it to when you book it. If the price goes down, you'll be able to pay the new price instead of what you would have initially been charged.

Overall, Hopper is optimistic about what its Price Freeze for Hotels tool means for travelers. The company expects it will save travelers an average of about $17 a night on hotel stays, but notes that it could save them much more. Flexible travelers who love a good deal can save even more when they use Hopper to search for a last-minute hotel stay: Booking within 48 hours of check-in could save users roughly 25%.

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