Europe's Tallest Sea Cliff Just Got a Brand New Climbing Route

Norway's Mount Hornelen just got a brand new via ferrata.

Calling all adrenaline seekers, climbing enthusiasts, and nature lovers. Europe's highest sea cliff just opened to tourists, and you can now take part in a hiking tour to climb the whole mountain in a very European way.

It isn't a climb or a hike like the ones you're probably used to. Mount Hornelen, which is located in Norway's Nordfjord and is the highest sea cliff in Europe standing at 2,822' (860 meters) tall, is now equipped with its own via ferrata, which has recently opened to tourists on June 18, according to Drift. The term comes from the Italian word for "iron road," which is used to indicate hiking trails featuring iron steps, hoops, and grips that have been attached to the mountain for climbers to use. The practice is pretty common in Europe and especially in the Alps, which count numerous vie ferrate across Italy, France, Switzerland, and the other Alpine countries.

Now, you can head to Norway and test the Hornelen Via Ferrata yourself. If you're new to climbing, you're welcome to join the party, too. Visitors are only allowed to climb the ferrata with a guide, and the company behind the route offers three different guided tours to meet every expertise level, from beginner to advanced.

From easiest to hardest, the three available routes are the Ørnelia (Eagle Hill), the Hekseveggen (The Wall of Witches), and the Olavsrute (Olaf's route). Eagle Hill only takes a couple of hours to complete, and it doesn't summit the mountain. However, you still get to try the ferrata, and you definitely won't miss out on gorgeous views. The Wall of Witches is more climbing-heavy, both vertically and horizontally, and it is considered moderate in terms of difficulty. It is only by taking the Olaf's Route, though, that you'll reach the top of Mount Hornelen, but not before going through a pretty strenuous adventure. The views at the top, though, are the real reward, and you'll definitely feel like it was worth the fatigue.

For more information and to reserve your spot, you can visit Hornelen Via Ferrata's website.

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