Hostess’ New Ice Cream Sundae Flavored Cupcakes Are Like 2 Desserts in 1

A cupcake and a sundae, in case you were wondering.

Rows of classic Hostess cupcakes.
Kim Kozlowski/Moment Open/Getty Images

One of our favorite ice cream sundae “hacks” is to take a classic Hostess cupcake (that’s the one with chocolate cake, chocolate icing, vanilla in the middle, and loop-de-loops on top, thankyouverymuch), flip it upside down, and top it with one of Ben & Jerry’s most chock-full offerings. Now that we’ve caught wind of Hostess’ new ice cream sundae-flavored cupcakes, we are still going to do this, but now we predict the result will be even more sundae-y. 

The new flavor features the vanilla crème-filled chocolate cake base you’re probably already familiar with and tops it with  “ice cream flavored icing, rainbow sprinkles, and a hot fudge squiggle,” according to Delish. Now, we love a Hostess cupcake icing; like many dessert-lovers, it was our earliest introduction to that divisive baking show staple, fondant. But, being that there are possibly infinite ice cream flavors in existence, we aren’t sure which one Hostess is recreating here. Thrillist has reached out to the company for more information and we will update when we hear back. 

In the meantime, the new ice cream sundae cupcakes join new hot fudge sundae brownies on store shelves, so Hostess is clearly on a frozen treat inspiration roll here. Both items sell for around $4 a box, and we predict they’ll only be around for a little while. 

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