A Hot Dog Getting Snipped in a Mouse Trap Ought to Make You Cringe

In what Warped Perception claims is "the slowest clip ever filmed of a mouse trap at work," the YouTube channel managed to make watching slow motion video a painfully visceral experience. 

Using their Phantom v2512 and Flex4K high-speed and ultra high-speed cameras you can see the incredibly fast snap of a mouse trap at work. You've seen them snap quickly before and maybe seen some rodent carnage, but watching it take place in slow motion drives home how powerful those little pieces of wood and wire are. Somehow, each time they show the carnage at increasingly slower speeds it gets a little more cringe-inducing. 

Yes, a hot dog's propensity to look like a, uh, human appendage — let's call it a finger — makes it feel just awful to watch. It also brings to mind all those mean mouse trap pranks in cartoons like Tom & Jerry. You knew they were mean and that you shouldn't try it on a friend, but you really shouldn't try a mouse trap prank on a friend. 

Stay safe out there. The world is full of mouse traps in surprising places. 

h/t Laughing Squid

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