'Hot Ones' Just Dropped a Hot Sauce for Kids

The hot sauce is manufactured by Heatonist, specifically for children.

Courtesy of Complex
Courtesy of Complex

 Hot Ones, "the show with hot questions and even hotter wings," is expanding its growing platform with a hot sauce for kids. As a self-proclaimed lover of spice who can't handle much spice, I cringe thinking about small children ingesting some of the spicer varieties of hot sauce, but the Hot Ones folks have created one mild enough for youngsters. 

Named The Green, the hot sauce is manufactured by Heatonist, and is reportedly the brand's most mild sauce yet, with "nutritious ingredients." The sauce includes include green apple, apple juice, sweet onion, lime juice, baby spinach, apple cider vinegar, jalapeño peppers, banana, kosher salt, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh basil. Additionally, there is no added sugar.

Hot Ones told Thrillist that The Green is different from your average mild hot sauce because, "the mild flavor profile allows kids to be introduced to the flavorful world of hot sauce, without the leveled up heat that exists in most commercially mild hot sauces on the market," before adding, "The Green is big on flavor and mild on spice, allowing anyone who prefers less heat to still shake up meal time with tart and sweet green apple and just a hint of warmth from jalapeño."

Hot Ones also shared that a couple of 12-year-old taste testers loved The Green, saying "It's a tiny bit sweet and a little bit spicy. It's really good." And apparently, the sauce is good on everything from nuggets to scrambled eggs to PB&Js.

For those interested in getting their little ones started on a heat journey early, The Green is available now in the Hot Ones December Subscription Box. Fans can also purchase the mild hot sauce starting December 16, 2021, on the Hot Ones Jr. website.

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