Hot Pockets Just Launched Cargo Shorts with an Insulated Pocket for Your Hot Pockets

The new limited-edition merch from the portable pizza company is a literal take on their brand name.

Courtesy of Hot Pockets
Courtesy of Hot Pockets

Hot Pockets are one of the most accessible and dangerous foods out there. Bite into one too early and your mouth will be burned by a mountain of molten lava in pizza filling form. Bite into one too late and it's all just a cold, bleak and underwhelming experience.

But what if you could carry around your Hot Pocket in some sort of insulated device so that it could have time to cool off without the risk of getting glacial? Luckily the masterminds over at Hot Pockets headquarters just created a new set of shorts, inspired by the brand's name, so that you could do just that.

Courtesy of Hot Pockets

The limited-edition shorts were created in collaboration with the Columbus Fashion Alliance (CFA) and include literal hot pockets, aka they're insulated. Very on the nose, I know.

If you'd like to cop a pair head to on December 12. The shorts are being released alongside a matching hoodie both of which will be available for free while supplies last and will include a coupon redeemable for one Hot Pockets sandwich.

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