Watch This Glowing-Hot Steel Cylinder Battle a Frozen Lake

The internet loves heating metal objects to scalding temperatures, then using them to destroy everyday household wares. (Chaos is candy for the brain, in case you hadn't noticed).

But here’s an experiment that hadn’t been explored: What happens when you place a glowing-hot, 45-pound steel cylinder on a frozen lake? Will the metal ball melt away the ice, and quickly sink into the darkness? Or will it just get lodged in the frozen water?

The Finnish couple behind YouTube’s Hydraulic Press Channel explored these questions, placing the sizzling metal orb over a lake frozen one foot deep. The duo shared their video on their spin-off channel, Beyond The Press, in which they broadcast all their weird experiments to the world.

While there’s a lot of burbling and boiling involved, it’s safe to say the ice won, because the steel cylinder doesn’t get very far. After it’s all done boiling and thrashing about the cold water, it gets enveloped in the ice. The idea here was to create a hole big enough for ice fishing, but in the most dangerous way possible. It looks like they need to ramp up the danger just a little for the project to actually work.

Maybe they’ll try dynamite next time.

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