This Genius Built a Drivable Hot Tub and It Looks Like an Insane Amount of Fun

Colin Furze is a man of manybizarreinventions. So, it's worth paying attention when he says, laughing maniacally, "This is the best thing I've ever made!"

In a new video, Furze turns a BMW into a drivable hot tub. It's not just a car filled with water and a pond liner. The car is sealed and genuinely turned into a weird, mad scientist hot tub. 

It has heating coils powered by the engine to warm the water. Of course, a hot tub must have bubbles. So, Furze has a pair of leaf blowers mounted on the sides to get that sweet bubbly action rolling. For a bit of aesthetic pow, the car is lined with faux grass and there's a working barbecue where there was once a trunk.

The whole thing, as outlined in a couple videos about building the party on wheels, was commissioned by Google for an advertisement it will film at some point. In those videos, Furze, a former plumber, goes in depth about making an exhaust pipe drain, dealing with the additional weight of the water, and other odd features that probably only make sense when you're turning a car into a hot tub.

Watch the videos below to get a look behind the scenes as Furze puts this monster together. 

[h/t Sploid]

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