This 2-Story Backyard Hot Wheels Track Is Your Childhood Dream Come True

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If we could change the laws of physics, driving would be a whole lot more like the Fast and Furious. Vin Diesel would be more than just a buff guy with a cringeworthy stage name, and you might navigate a vertical loop on your way to work in the morning. 

But since we live in a world with snarling traffic and laws that ban said loops, the best alternative to the Road Warrior fantasy that we all secretly harbor is undoubtedly Hot Wheels. Case in point: this epic, backyard race track that snakes its way through two stories and 141 feet of maze-like plastic. It might just rival the labyrinthine highways of whatever megalopolis you call home. If Bow Wow were a thumbtack-sized rapper, he'd race the hell out of this thing, which extends from the house's upstairs window and through the backyard garden. And in case you had any reservations about this track, yes, it's very much a parental nightmare. 

The brainchild of YouTube channel 5MadMovieMakers, the track is the stuff of your childhood dreams because it'd likely give your mom a heart attack. It really is messed up how that works. 

But if it doesn't pull at your nostalgic heartstrings enough, you might want to check out another Hot Wheels stunt from the likes of noted cool YouTube dad Mark Rober, who made a track with his son's toys that's likely to put Vin Diesel out of a job. 

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