This Travel Site Wants to Hire Your Dog As a Pet-Friendly Hotel Reviewer

snuggly dog in hotel bed

As Instagram has made evident, four-legged friends are hardly less glamourous or worldly than their humans nowadays. Seriously, look no further than a rock-climbing Bengal cat, a husky-artic wolf-malamute mix chilling in a pool floaty, and a Pomeranian who is no stranger to a bathrobe for proof

As more hotels steadily cater to pet owners, dwindling are the days in which we must bribe our co-workers to cat-sit or drop dogs off at the kennel. It’s no wonder that travel booking site is in search of someone to test and review pet-inclusive hotels around the world, someone who can sincerely judge pet experience. Yes, that someone must be a dog

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Be warned however, that not unlike the cutthroat world of human influencers, furry tastemakers will be judged more on beauty than brains. To have your pooch considered for the honor, post an Instagram of your dog, tag #CanineCritic, and tag and follow @hotelsdotcom. The deadline for entries is August 25 at 11:59pm UK (GMT), and contenders from outside the timezone must account for it. 

Contestants can make a case for their pet in their Instagram post caption. This is your chance to ensure your pet’s bougieness and sophistication are known by all. Maybe the most luxurious armchair in the house is her perch, he refuses to eat his food unless microwaved, or he wouldn’t dare set paw on a New York City sidewalk without a boot.

The sole chosen pup (and their human) will get to pick 10 pet-friendly hotels to visit on the company’s dime. More specifically, the winner will receive 10 one-night stay vouchers worth up to $200 USD apiece. As “Canine Critic,” they would also contribute to the website’s “Best for Pets” category, aiding fellow travelers with their takes on each visit.’s job description of sorts has all the details and fine print. 

It turns out the hotel industry is not the only one to become more and more welcoming to Fido in recent years. More bars and restaurants are opening their doors -- and kitchens -- to dogs, some going as far as offering dog food menus. As pet ownership increases, it’s unclear where dogs will go next -- museums? … the movies? Whether that would be for better or worse is up for debate, but one thing is clear: as time passes, paws are marking down new territory in all areas of our lives.

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Alex Erdekian wouldn't be mad at all if she experienced a Freaky Friday swap with Suki Cat.