This Website Knows if Your House is Haunted

Published On 10/29/2016 Published On 10/29/2016

Discovering ghosts in your home used to be something that happened to you by chance. Or, if you were a bit more cavalier about it, you’d go on a ghost-hunting expedition with your best friends and run screaming from a darkened room covered in ectoplasm.

Now, though, there’s a website that’ll tell you if your house -- or your neighbor’s apartment building -- is teeming with spirits. That’s right, Housecreep is there if you’re suspicious about ghouls or goblins lurking in the hallway of your home. As Gizmodo writes, the website was created by brothers Albert and Robert Armieri when they found city government websites and housing registries to be insufficient when it came to tracking things like people dying lonely deaths in the dark.

To compensate for that institutional dearth, the brothers’ website tracks scary things like murders and reported hauntings, creating a map of all the potentially haunted places you might want to avoid this Halloween.

You can even plug in your own address to check out your neighborhood’s ghostly landscape. If that’s too frightening for you, peruse the website’s other resources, aptly titled “Haunted Houses Near Me,” “Drug Lab Busts Near Me,” and “Murder Houses Near Me,” respectively.

All the information is crowdsourced, so please do assess it with a grain of salt. The Armieri’s ask people to supply at least one validating source when submitting a site -- such as a news article -- to make this whole thing legitimate, so don’t just go sounding off on some gruesome stuff that never really happened.

The ghosts nearby probably wouldn’t appreciate that.

[HT Gizmodo]

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