Maniac Completely Destroys Household Objects Using Liquid Nitrogen and a Hammer

Mr. Gear's massive following and his ability to find new ways to destroy household objects are a testament to the fact that there are a lot of people carrying a 12-year-old boy's mentality into adulthood. But watching things get destroyed in slow motion is one of the simple pleasures of the internet. 

In the storied tradition of heating WD-40 with a blowtorch, dropping Christmas ornaments into a lawn mower, and melting groceries with a red hot knife, comes freezing objects in liquid nitrogen and smashing them to pieces with a hammer.

The Mr. Gear YouTube channel is doing the liquid nitrogen game over and over. While some objects, like toy trucks and a Rubik's cube, become brittle and shatter, some of the objects are far more entertaining. Eggs become hard boiled (cold boiled?) and turn to dust (except that one that shoots yolk all over). Coke bottles turn into a slush substance that looks a bit like what you can get to drink at a little league game. 

Watch one of the destructive videos above and if you need some more, there's another one below.

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