You Can Snag a House in an Italian Village for Just $12,000

Looks like we're moving.


A year of no travel has been tough. You're likely itching to, say, score a cheap flight for a long weekend in another city. But if you really want to go all out, turns out you could just skip the whole coming home part of your trip and... move to Italy. 

As reported by CNN, Carrega Ligure in northern Italy and southern village Latronico are both offering houses that start at around $12,000—and while that's certainly more than those outrageous $1 home deals, these homes will come a lot easier. Some come ready to occupy while there some fixer uppers if you're looking to play Joanna Gaines. Rentals are also available if you're not quite ready to buy. 

"We're giving them an online space for visibility otherwise nobody would know where and how to find these abandoned homes," local councilor and former mayor of Carrega Ligure Marco Guerrini told the outlet.

Of course, these tiny villages aren't exactly hubs for entertainment. You'll need a car just for the supermarket. Bars, restaurants, and shops are located outside of town, as well. Great views, though? That you can get at home. 

"All you'll find here is a great place to detox and unplug, no pollution and spectacular scenery," Guerrini, who actually started the online housing initiative in the first place, told CNN. 

Prices, according to Guerrini, are also negotiable. The former mayor suggests interested buyers should head up to the mountain village and give it a look.

"This move has proven to be successful," he added. "Old people who are attached to their properties and hometown prefer to be backed by local authorities in the sale procedures."

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.