Watch This Idiot Hoverboard on the Edge of a Skyscraper

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Falling flat on your ass while hoverboarding is common enough when you're safely on the ground. So showing off your hoverboard skills at the top of a towering building 656ft off the ground is both terrifying and stupid. But, that didn't stop daredevil Oleg Cricket from trying.

Cricket is known for idiotic stunts that should result in horrible injuries, but somehow work out for him, and this time he tried hoverboarding on the edge of Dubai's MBK Tower. The result is a video that'll make you queasy just watching as Cricket rolls back and forth from the edge tempting fate on a stupid hoverboard.

Watch the video to see exactly how the stunt goes down. It'll make you hate hoverboards, and possibly skyscrapers.

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Kara King is a News Writer at Thrillist and has a thing against hoverboards. Send news tips to and follow her at @karatillie.