This Kid Is the Einstein of Shoveling

Even if it's not officially here, winter arrived in a big way over the last week. Huge swaths of the United States got their first taste of wintry temperatures and many were given a healthy blanket of snow. 

Most people have a "first snow" routine that includes wistfully watching the snowfall, remembering youth and holidays past. Maybe they sip an egg nog in a red satin robe. Then they remember that, oh crap, you have to shovel and drive like a damn maniac on busy roads. Also, egg nog? Gross.

But for one brilliant student of life in Wisconsin, the arrival of winter was an opportunity to flaunt their spirit of ingenuity. Those generally annoying (or flaming) hoverboards you've seen the youths with can turn you into a human plow. Watch genius happen before your very eyes in the video above (even if you definitely can't do all your shoveling this way... anything that cuts down shovel time gets a high five).

Like a young Kenneth Parcel, that child will be in charge of the country someday.

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