This Is How You Take a Leak on the International Space Station

As you can imagine, taking a leak or dropping a deuce in the near-zero gravity aboard the International Space Station (ISS) can probably get a little tricky. In fact, it's one of the questions astronauts get the most about living in space, and now, European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Tim Peake has created a helpful video explaining how you'd go about peeing up there. The process involves a tub with a funnel attachment and built-in fans that create air flow. Luckily, he doesn't say what happens if these things get clogged, or uh, full. 

Relatedly, NASA explained to us mere terrestrial people last September that astronaut poop is actually released into space and could appear as shooting stars as it burns up in the atmosphere. Two things here: 1) Astronaut turds turn into shooting stars, and 2) When you see a shooting star and make a wish, you could be basing that wish on said vaporized astronaut turds. Meanwhile, your shit is... well, just shit. There's some perspective to help keep you grounded (no pun intended).

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