Seeing How Gummy Bears Are Made Will Make You Never Eat Gummy Snacks Again

how is gelatin made

Fans of delicious, sugary gummy snacks should probably just turn back now because the way they're made will horrify you. How gelatin and gummy snacks come about is thrown around from time to time when a vegan friend says they'll pass on those Jello jigglers. However, to actually see the production process is a completely different experience.

There's a big difference between connecting that bacon cheeseburger to its source and thinking about Sour Patch Kids as having once been a pig. Even if that knowledge doesn't bother you, seeing how the sausage is made isn't a pleasant experience. 

Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens has made a few short films about how different foods are made, literally tracking food from the table back to its source in films that run in reverse. They're difficult to watch because they're so beautifully shot that it runs in startling opposition to the violence of the films.

Yup. That's how it happens. Though there are many vegan gelatin substitutes available, they can sometimes be hard to find.

For more gore porn short films about how food is made watch short films from Kneepkens on how rabbit and plums (a traditional Belgian dish) and black pudding are made. But be warned, they're even grimmer that the video about gelatin above.

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