How Long Would It Take To Have Sex With Everyone In Texas?

Bear with me here people, because this is a very real query that just got brought to light by way of a Reddit thread.

The post entitled "If you had sex with the last thing you googled how would it go?" yielded some incredible responses (Marquis de Sade, Swastika robot gif) but it was the first comment that really got everyone's motor running.

"Texas population
Damn, I'm gonna be busy..."

Pretty harmless until user ProcastinatingAgain actually did the math and figured it out.

"Texas had 29.69 million people back in 2014, it's growth rate is around 2%, so that's an estimate of around 30.28 million people in 2015,
A average man will last around 4 minutes in bed,
A woman will last around 5 minutes,
let's give you a 5 minute break in between,
That's 9 minutes (10 for female),
30,280,000 x 9 (10) = 272,520,000 (302,800,000) minutes
or 4,542,000 (5,046,666) hours
or 189,250 (210,277) days
or 518 (576) years
Good luck with that"

518 years for a man. 576 years for a woman. Bless you, mathematics; you've finally proven yourself to be useful.

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