Mosquitoes Sucking Blood in Slo-Mo Is Both Terrifying and Fascinating

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Plenty of people voice their fear of spiders, snakes, or rats. Even Indiana Jones did. But you rarely undying terror of deadly, blood-sucking mosquitoes. Well, wait until you watch this video.

Deep Look's clips explaining the complicated blood-sucking process of a mosquito, complete with tons of way too close, slo-mo footage, is one of those videos you just can't look away from even though your skin is crawling. In short, the footage perfectly illustrates why everyone should be way more terrified of mosquitos.

It starts with a reminder that mosquito bites kill more humans than any other bite, what with all the diseases they carry, and then goes on to explain how a mosquito sucks your blood, point-by-point.

These flying plagues don't just "bite" you, either. They undertake a mini surgical operation that involves six needles! Two needles with sharp teeth are used to saw into your arm, while another two needles hold the tissue apart. Another finds blood vessels and then acts as a sucking straw. Finally, while all this is happening, one more needle sticks in chemicals, which get the blood flowing faster and are the reason behind that red bump that itches like hell.

If you're following along, that equals six needles. Yeah, terrifying. Watch the video to see this all in action, and then go grab some OFF!, or whatever your repellent of choice, as quickly as possible.

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