Here's How Much the Internet Costs in Every Country Around the World

How the internet and access to it function in countries around the world has been a topic of interest since the FCC voted on party lines to kill off net neutrality, despite a majority of Americans being against the decision

Cost information site used data from a UK study of global internet costs to create visualizations about the price of internet to users around the globe. According to the study, the average cost in the United States is $66.20 per month. That is a fair amount more than internet access costs in Canada or Mexico. (All amounts are in USD, but are not otherwise adjusted.)

cost of internet in every country

At $66.20, the US isn't anywhere near the cheapest internet in the world. It ranks 114th of 196 ranked nations. What are you getting for that relatively high price? After years of not being near the top, this study cites the US as having climbed to the 10th fastest average internet speed in the world. It's the first time the US has ranked in the top 10. 

And no, you can't get any of that sweet Canadian internet if you live in a northern state. 

cost of internet around the world

You'll find the cheapest internet in Asia where China and India provide internet at affordable rates. Even cheaper are former Soviet nations, which account for six of the 10 cheapest countries in the world. Take a look at the study to get a breakdown of other geographic regions.


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