This Map Shows How Much People Spend on Wedding Gifts in Every State

There's a certain amount of awkwardness involved in wedding gifts, especially when the gift is cash. "It's the thought that counts," might feel, at least to the giver, like it's acquired an asterisk. It's harrowing to figure out how much to give. How long have you known the couple? How much dirt does the couple have on you? How much is everyone else giving?

Tendr, a site for giving personalized cash gifts, has collected data about wedding gifts given through its app last year. The study provides a look at how much other people are giving. It won't solve all of your awkward wedding problems (stop doing the robot), but it's a start.

In addition to data about the average gift in all four seasons, the site created an average dollar amount for every state. That'll help you understand the skimpy gift you got from the aunt in Arkansas. On average, gifts in Arkansas are $73, the lowest of any US state. On the other hand, the state already gave you your first sax-playing president. What more do you want?

At the opposite end of the spectrum sits Vermont, where the average is a whopping $245. 

how much people spend on wedding gifts

While this is fascinating, it's not exactly a scientific study. It only looked at around 10,000 wedding gifts given through Tendr. That means, it's hard to know if people who give through an app like this tend to give more than people who go through the tried and true method of sticking cash in an envelope. Also, some weddings ask family and friends to give less, give to charity, or give nothing at all. Those are data points that would be entirely missing from this view.

Nonetheless, it's interesting, even if it's a little skewed. If you're just looking to get the most you can out of your wedding gifts, it probably won't hurt to have a summer wedding in Vermont.

But, remember it's the thought that counts. Also, seeing how hard your friends dance counts. Having a friend or two that can turn a reception into a party is worth more than money. Probably.

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