This Guy Chops Huge Piles of Cilantro Better Than You Do Anything

Unless you watch a ton of Gordon Ramsay tutorial videos, chances are you have just enough skill with a knife to chop up herbs and vegetables without taking off one of your fingertips in the process. Cutting is hard -- let alone perfecting a julienne or chiffonade. That's probably why a new video revealing a restaurant worker's insane cilantro cutting technique is so mesmerizing, and downright satisfying to watch.

The two-minute video (shown above), initially posted to Snapchat by Rebecca Castañeda and later uploaded to Twitter and Facebook, shows a man slicing through a giant bundle of the delicious -- and often polarizing -- herb better than you do most things in your life. As Castañeda explained on Twitter, his name is Rogelio, but some are already calling him "Cilantro Bae." The video has been viewed more than three million times on Twitter alone. Watch out, Salt Bae.

His technique, of course, is likely the result of years of practice, but here's our attempt at summing it up.

How to Chop Cilantro Like Cilantro Bae:

1. Press a giant bundle of fresh cilantro firmly on a cutting board
2. Grab a super sharp knife and cut perpendicularly, beginning at the stems
3. Shave away a section of the bundle like butter
4. Flip the bundle over and shave away a section on the other side
5. Repeat
6. Turn the resulting cilantro mountain into salsa and guacamole

Here's another video showing all the cilantro when he was done:

Can you smell the cilantro through your screen yet?

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