A Dad Explains How to Make a Baby Wash Your Car

Parenting is hard. There are so many life lessons to impart on your spawn that it's hard to know what methodology is best. Should you practice free range parenting? Should you be a paleo-parent? Atkins? Low carb?

Questions like those are probably why Jordan Watson created his popular YouTube series "How to Dad." The series provides answers to many difficult parenting situations. With episodes such as "How to Teach a Baby to Climb a Fence" and "How to Vacuum a Baby's Hair," it's basically indispensable.

In the latest installment, Watson gives an instructional on how to get a baby to wash your car. "Basically you just ask them to do it," says Watson in the video. "You know, they love this kind of stuff. There's bubbles and a brush." Simple enough, as long as you're ok with your kid brushing its hair with the bubbles.

It basically works ok, except for that part where his kid sprays him with a hose and the part where the baby can't reach very high on his SUV, because, you know, it's a just a little kid.

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