How To Delete a Specific Website from Your Browsing History and Autofill

Published On 10/28/2015 Published On 10/28/2015

If you're anything like this guy I know that definitely isn't me, you probably have a few unseemly marks on your browsing history, sites potentially containing the words "hub," "tube," "red," and in some very specific cases "hamster." And if you are anything like this guy that certainly isn't me, you'd probably prefer to wipe these blemishes from your Chrome history in one fell swoop.

Being an upstanding citizen, I'm sure you have no use for this information. But just in case you have friends/acquaintances that need help -- this is how you nix one specific site from the rest of the (certainly wholesome) slew of sites you frequent. 

Screenshot via Wil Fulton

First off, to bring up your browsing history, hit Ctrl+H on a PC or Cmd+Y on a Mac while in Chrome. From there, you'll have the option to erase all of your browsing history (which you probably don't want to do, as all your settings, saved passwords, etc. will be erased), or you can search for specific sites, and then either choose to delete every time you visited this certain site, or just select pages.

However, this will not totally alleviate the pain of autofill when typing in a website -- like when you're trying to show your girlfriend an adorable baby elephant video, and when you start typing in "YouTube" you get an X-rated shock half-way through.

To get rid of this unpleasantness, and potentially save your relationship, highlight the auto-fill in your address bar, and press Shift + Delete. This will erase it forever from your computer's annoyingly pervasive memory. 

This should buy you at least three more months, till your significant other finds your lightly used, Monster Fleshlight collection. Good luck deleting that. 

h/t Gizmodo, Lifehacker

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