The New iPhone Update Has an Annoying Autocorrect Bug. Here’s the Quick Fix.

ios 11 autocorrect glitch
Screenshot via iOS 11/Maggie Rosetti

Along with a suite of new bells and whistles and emoji, almost every new Apple software update also comes with one obnoxious side effect: glitches. The recent rollout of iOS 11.1 appears to be no different in that regard, as many iPhone and iPad users have taken to social media to complain about a bizarre bug that causes their keyboards to autocorrect the letter "i" to a combination of an exclamation point and the symbol of a question mark inside a box. It's strange, and very, very annoying. 

The issue has caused such a stink in recent days that Apple has officially acknowledged the bug with a pledge to fix it in a subsequent iOS 11 update. However, in the meantime, it also outlined a quick and easy DIY fix to the problem if it's happening to you.

The workaround involves creating a text replacement shortcut. To do this, first head to Settings > General and tap Keyboard.

ios 11 text replacement trick
Screenshot via iOS 11

Next, select Text Replacement, tap the add sign and enter "i" in the Phrase box and "I" in the Shortcut box, and hit Save.

Voila! That should enable you to once again communicate freely in first person, and banish the autocorrect error.

UPDATE, November 9: Apple just unleashed an update (iOS 11.1.1) which includes a fix that patches this specific issue. To update, launch the Settings app and head to General > Software Update.

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