Can You Actually Fool a Breathalyzer Test?

Published On 11/09/2015 Published On 11/09/2015

It's the one question that people under the influence of alcohol always have: Can you trick a breathalyzer test? Well, the two dudes at AsapSCIENCE have decided to find out.

In a safe and closed environment, the two hosts partake in the wonderful ritual of -- how you say -- imbibing one's self. As they drink more and more, they each take turns blowing into a breathalyzer test while giving the audience a crash course in the science what's happening to their bodies. 

The guys repeatedly tell the audience that they're all doing this all in the name of science, but it's still quite a gas to watch these loopy Canadians talk about drinking myths as they slowly drift into intoxication. 


The crème de la crème is, of course, when these fellas start testing out methods and myths to "fool" the breathalyzer. These involve sucking on a penny, eating peanut butter, and drinking butt-tons of honey.

Keep in mind, if you feel as though you have to fool a breathalyzer test, you shouldn't be putting yourself in situations in which a breathalyzer is necessary. 

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Jeremy Glass is a writer at Thrillist and has no issues writing articles under the influence.



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