Do You Want Free Food on Halloween? Here's How to Get It.

Published On 10/29/2015 Published On 10/29/2015
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As a kid, the concept of Halloween was relatively mind-blowing: you show up at a stranger's house, and they literally hand out free candy, just for asking and dressing up like your favorite Power Ranger or Colombian drug lord. Imagine if you could do the same at, say, your local Krispy Kreme?

If the thought of adult trick-or-treating tickles your innards, I'm about to drop a nugget of knowledge that may or may not cause you to break into Monster Mash-esque convulsions. This Halloween, there are myriad ways to score free/cheap food, without going door-to-door in your 'hood. In fact, many of your favorite food chains are offering free or heavily discounted grub on and around the 31st -- and we're about to tell you how to snag it. 


The Deal: You can purchase a specially priced $3 burrito, expertly coined "boo-rito." All you have to do is wear a costume with an unnecessary additive (like a vampire costume with a handle-bar mustache, or a Donald Trump costume with an actual sense of self-awareness). It's all a statement about the surplus of unnecessary additives at dining establishments that aren't Chipotle (get it?) 
When: Halloween, from 5pm to closing time

Krispy Kreme

The Deal: One free donut to anyone in costume -- and it has to be a real costume. You can't dress normally, and claim to be an "off-duty fireman."
When: All day, son.

White Castle 

The Deal: Get any slider for free with one purchase, with this coupon. There's not anything really Halloween-themed about this, besides the date, and the fact that people who've been at bars for a while often find themselves at White Castle anyway. 
When: The coupon is valid through the 31st. 


The Deal: One free "Scary Face" pancake. But there's a catch: it's only for kids under the age of 12. So, hopefully you know a kid you can borrow, or you just have boyish good looks as a result of vigorous daily moisturizing, like me. 
When: From 10am to 7pm on October 30th, which, fyi, is the day before Halloween (in case you never had a childhood). 


The Deal: Kids in costume get a free meal, as long their accompanying adult purchases a meal/beverage, too. This is assuming, of course, you can actually find a Sizzler. Shouldn't they pay you to eat at Sizzler at this point, really?
When: October 26-31 


The Deal: Snag a scoop of ice cream for a mere $1.31, and a chance to win free ice cream cakes for a year with its Piñata Pumpkin Patch Cake Promotion (yes, it's really called that).
When: All day, Halloween


The Deal: Buy a $1 coupon booklet from America's favorite red-headed burger-schlepper, receive five Junior Frosties, also support foster care services -- everyone wins.
When: All day, Halloween

Spaghetti Warehouse

The Deal: While "Spaghetti Warehouse" may sound like a neutral meeting ground for the Five Families of Italian-American Mafia, it's actually a pleasant dining establishment that's usually not situated in an actual warehouse -- and on the 31st kids under 12 can grab a meal for free. Just don't confuse this place with the "Spaghetti Whorehouse," which is a very, very different experience. 
When: All day, Halloween

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