Here's How to Get Paid $2,400 to go Screen-Free for a Day

Time to dust off the old bookshelf.

Nearly a quarter of the way into 2021, a few things have emerged as trends, and continue to linger. All beverages are now hard seltzer. Snack nostalgia is as strong as ever. And companies are routinely “hiring” people for “dream jobs” that are more or less just contests. The latest semblance of the latter is’s 24-hour “digital detox challenge.”

The challenge is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The home product and service reviews site will pay one person $2,400 to spend 24 hours sans technology, including not only the obvious contenders like your smartphone, computer, and tablets, but also smart watches and Internet of Things-type dealies like those smart refrigerators that tell rich people what’s inside or whatever, according to Travel + Leisure

If you’re asking why reviews dot org is pulling this promo, you have both a much healthier relationship to your personal tech than most and a refreshing paucity of cynicism. Good for you! The site, for its part, says it’s running the obvious attention grabber in part because “we have a feeling someone out there needs a break.” 

The deadline to apply here is March 26, and you must be prepared to rate your technology addiction on a scale of 1-10, and explain, in 100 words or less, why you are the best person for the detox. The site will announce a winner on March 29. 

Upon accepting the challenge (and we aren’t sure why you wouldn’t by that point; even the ‘get paid to watch Friends’ gig only pays $1,000), the winner will receive a safe to store their devices (refrigerators won’t fit, we checked), and a $200 Amazon credit to spend on “tech-less” items like books, board games, stationary, or art supplies. Then there’s just the small matter of spending the 24 hour period absent technology and the $2,400 will be on the way.

Thrillist wishes good luck to all and congratulations in advance to whomever wins what promises to be a pretty blissful 24 hours. 

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