Celebrate National Lobster Day with This New Maine Lobster Butter

Lobster makes everything butter...erm, better.

Courtesy of Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative
Courtesy of Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative

Lobster is a versatile ingredient, beloved by many. So it's no wonder that there's a whole food holiday dedicated to the delicious crustaceans. The only way to celebrate, of course, is to eat as much lobster as possible in as many ways as possible.

That means lobster rolls, lobster cakes, lobster bisque, lobster mac 'n cheese... you get the gist. And now, in honor of National Lobster Day on September 25, MySeaFood.com and the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative are teaming up for a new way to eat lobster: Maine Lobster Butter. As the name suggests, this is a combination of sweet, juicy Maine lobster and creamy butter—all in one. 

"We're thrilled to be celebrating another National Lobster Day recognizing the hardworking men and women in Maine that make this fishery so unique," Marianne LaCroix, executive director of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative, said in a press release. "Whether in a restaurant or in their own kitchens, we hope food lovers across the country will enjoy our distinctly sweet lobster this year and in turn directly support the fishery."

You can order your Maine Lobster Butter here. A single order includes six 1-ounce portions. There is no one way to use Maine Lobster Butter. You can use it to cook, spread it on toast, or melt it down and dip even more lobster in it. The world is your oyster... or should we say lobster? You can also order a whole Maine Lobster Feast, which includes several lobster-based dishes and Maine Lobster Butter.

If you happen to be in Maine, where much of the country's lobsters come from, you can celebrate National Lobster Day all week long. Local restaurants have taken the holiday and stretched it out over several days (from September 19-25) called Maine Lobster Week. Restaurants will be dishing up their usual lobster fare and then some. Those who aren't in Maine will have to sacrifice the experience, but can still enjoy the flavors of Maine Lobster Week. Head to this website to find out more and find out what dishes you can have shipped directly to your door. 

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