Here's How to See if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

Shutterstock/Evan Lockhart

It’s true that people care far too much about accruing social capital on social media. For those in this camp, getting blocked on Instagram is a straight up affront to your personality and all the snaps of lattes and kittens you hold dear. It suggests somebody wants to eliminate even the slightest trace of your life from their feed, and so the natural reaction is to find this traitor at all costs.

And even though it’s not as plainly obvious as on Twitter, the secret to who’s blocked you on Instagram is actually hidden in plain sight, according to the Daily Dot.

To find this rube, all you have to do is navigate to their profile. If this person’s account is public, you’ll notice a glaring contradiction pretty quickly: You can see the specific number of posts in their profile, except the photos don’t actually show up. Instead you’ll see an advisory reading “No posts yet.” The blue “follow” icon also proves useless, as nothing actually happens when you tap it. If this rings true for anyone you suspect has blocked you, then congratulations, you’ve been cut from this person’s feed entirely.  

Also, in case you’re a Insta-neophyte, it’s worth noting that anyone can see your entire activity log -- namely all the weird and incriminating photos you like on a regular basis. This is old news for anyone who’s frequently used Instagram for a while, but it’s worth remembering that the internet always keeps receipts…and people might block you as a result.

[h/t Mental Floss via Daily Dot

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