Watch the Moon Have a Close Encounter With Jupiter & Saturn Tuesday Morning

The moon, Saturn, and Jupiter are going to form a triangle in the morning sky.

Jupiter Saturn Moon

If you're working from home, you might be taking back the formerly miserable commute time in sweet, sweet sleep. However, there are still (occasional) reasons to get up before the sun. For instance, you might catch a pre-dawn gather of Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon.

The morning of Tuesday, May 12, you'll be able to spy Jupiter passing just a couple of degrees underneath the waning moon. Slightly further away -- though, still close by -- will be Saturn. The ringed planet will be just about five degrees to the east of Jupiter. In that early-morning timeframe, the three objects will form a triangle up there for viewers in the Central and Mountain time zones, per Sky and Telescope.

moon saturn jupiter
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

While you'll get a neat little shape in the middle of the US, the close encounter will be visible across the country. You'll want to get out and take a look around 6am local time, about an hour before sunrise. That's when the trio of objects will be at their closest approach to each other.

Additionally, if you look further east, you'll be able to spot Mars watching the meeting as well. It won't be close enough to be part of the trio of celestial objects, but it'll still be easy to spot in the morning sky. 

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