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Catch Jupiter & Saturn Hanging Out Together Every Night For the Rest of the Month

The two biggest planets in the solar system will be hanging out in the night sky

jupiter and saturn together
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The planets have been headlining the stargazer's calendar in May. It's kind of perfect, because, unlike faint comets and meteor showers, you can often see planets from urban centers despite the amount of light pollution with which you're contending.

For the rest of May, you'll be able to catch a couple of those planets partnering up like peanut butter and jelly in the night sky. Jupiter and Saturn will be hanging out together every night in May. The pair of gas giants got very close together with the moon earlier in the month, but they won't be getting quite that close again. Nonetheless, they'll be in very near each other and easy to spot with the naked eye.

Despite being the largest and second-largest planets in our solar system, neither is the brightest planet in the sky. That title belongs to Venus, which is only visible in the early evening until June 3. Nonetheless, when it's up this month, Jupiter will be the second brightest object in the sky behind the moon. You'll find it in the southeastern sky if you have a clear horizon. You'll be able to find them from midnight until dawn, though the duo will be rising in the sky throughout the night and might be a little tricky to see right when they rise after midnight.

Unfortunately, they won't be close enough to be seen together through most telescopes, per But you'll easily see them together with the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars. Get out and observe them with other classic nighttime BFFs like gin and tonic.

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