You Can See Every Photo Your Friends Have Ever Liked on Facebook. It's Weird.


A few weeks ago, I "uncovered" a way to see the (probably creepy) photos your friends have been liking on Instagram. I put "uncovered" in quotes, because it's not really a hidden feature, and many of you knew it existed (to be fair, a lot of you -- like me -- didn't).

That being said, I'd be willing to wager less of you amateur sleuths/busy bodies/actively jealous girlfriends know that you can look at (almost) every picture your Facebook friends have ever liked, and all it takes is a simple search. From every late-night pity-like, to that one time you accidentally slipped on your keyboard and liked that girl's beach pic from the summer of '08 and had to avoid her for the next year or so, it's all there: your "Like" history, as well as everyone else's, splayed out on the Interweb for everyone and their newly Facebook-literate grandmas to gaze upon. 

Screenshot via Facebook

Despite the pervasiveness (it will show photos from the beginning of Facebook), it's astoundingly simple to use.

All you have to do, is type "photos liked by..." with your intended target's name at the end. For instance, if I were friends with Russel Crowe (which I am, just not on Facebook) I would type in "photos liked by Russell Crowe" into the search bar, and then subsequently bask in the smorgasbord of digital adulation doled out by the Aussie actor -- as long as the photos aren't private of course. That's the bad news.

But here's the good news: you can do this for almost every aspect of Facebook, "posts liked," "events attended," and anything else your creeping little heart desires to inquire about.

Be careful who you search though. You might not like what you find. I'd start with searching yourself, just to make sure your record is clear.

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer for Thrillist. He didn't like what he found about himself. Follow him @wilfulton

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