How to Stop Those Damn Apps from Posting on Your Facebook

Among the multitude of first-world problems that plague upper-middle class people with laptops, being forced to allow apps to post on Facebook on your behalf is high up on the list along with warm beer and read receipts. 

What if we told you that you could set your Facebook account to forego this option whenever you downloaded a new app? It's more than possible. It's double-possible according to Gizmodo and here's how you do it:

Get on your computer and choose Settings on the far-right drop-down menu. Click Apps and you will see every app you have connected to your FB account. Click the pencil icon and scroll down to where it says This App Can. 

Jeremy Glass

Then, untick the Post option and go about your merry way. Unticking this option stops the app from posting on your behalf.

It's so easy, a dumb little baby without hands could do it.

h/t: Gizmodo

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and only posts on Facebook when he needs help escaping from a well.