How to Stream This Year's College Football Bowl Games

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A new year has brought a new you, but you know what remains? The thrill of seeing a large man hurl the full weight and force of his large body into another a large man with great ferocity and little regard for gravity or risk of injury. It simply does not get old. Unlike you. You're another year older. Distract yourself from this by watching the college football bowl games straight through the new year.

If watching sports is part of a New Year's resolution to be more fun to talk to at work, let's get this straight: the Orange Bowl is not a dish. But there's no rule against eating oranges and other healthy snacks while you watch it. After all, no law says you have to eat wings and drink beer.

Anyway, here are all the way to watch those bowl games:

Stream on ESPN, CBS, ABC GO, etc.

While you may not have cable, it's likely that your parents or friends or exes have it -- so either hope one of them is still logged into your computer or, you know, text them and ask for their login. Or, if you have a TV package and just won't be near your TV, you can head to the streaming websites/apps for all the channels above. And a lot of them have free trials. Hope you're on good terms with... anyone! This will be your easiest bet.

Stream on Periscope

Streaming on Periscope may not be the most dignified option, but there's not a lot of dignity in being an adult who screams at the TV, so don't let that get in your way. In short, once you're on the Periscope app or website, you should be able to find other people livestreaming the game. You'll have to deal with some annoying comments on the feed, but it's better than not seeing the game at all.  

Stream via Reddit

Again, as we go here you're getting less legit, but the subreddit CFBStreams (College Football Streams) should have links to streams for the games you're interested in. But be warned, while there will be reliable links here, you're also opening yourself up to potential spyware, viruses, and other bad things. But what's a virus compared to the spectacle of college football?

Some sketchier options

So, we're just gonna leave these here to do what you want with, but be warned that these options are slightly iffy when it comes to legality. That being said, and have yielded results in the past. There will be ads and other weird things. But there will be football. Probably. 

Just Google it 

If all else fails, just Google the game along with some other keywords like "stream" and "free" and see what comes up. Or go to a sports bar. Or something. Look, just call your mom.

Game Schedule for Saturday, December 29

Cotton Bowl: 4pm ET, ESPN, Clemson vs. Notre Dame
Orange Bowl: 8pm ET, ESPN, Alabama vs. Oklahoma

Game Schedule for Sunday, December 30

Military Bowl: 12pm ET, ESPN, Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati
Sun Bowl: 2pm ET, CBS, Pitt vs. Stanford
Redbox Bowl: 3pm ET, Fox, Oregon vs. Michigan State
Liberty Bowl: 3:45pm ET, ESPN, Missouri vs. Oklahoma State
Holiday Bowl: 7pm ET, FS1, Northwestern vs. Utah
Gator Bowl: 7:30pm ET, ESPN, North Carolina State vs. Texas A&M

Game Schedule for Tuesday, January 1 

Outback Bowl: 12pm ET, ESPN2, Mississippi State vs. Iowa
Citrus Bowl: 1pm ET, ABC, Kentucky vs. Penn State
Fiesta Bowl: 1pm ET, ESPN, LSU vs. UCF
Rose Bowl: 5pm ET, ESPN, Washington vs. Ohio State
Sugar Bowl: 8:45pm ET, ESPN, Texas vs. Georgia

Game Schedule for Monday, January 7 

National Championship: 8pm ET, ESPN, teams TBD

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