Humanity Reaches New Low with Clip-in Man Buns

Published On 11/10/2015 Published On 11/10/2015
Screenshot via Groupon

Do you want to look like Liam Hemsworth? Orlando Bloom? Bradley Cooper? Or any one of the countless celebrities who've sported long locks pulled neatly to the nape of the neck in a so casual "bun?" Well you'll never look like them. They've all got personal trainers, and, well, great looks. But now you can at least ape their hairstyles with the newest accessory burning up men's fashion: the clip-in man bun.

For just $9.99, famed discount website Groupon is selling the hairpiece that mildly resembles a pin cushion at a supposed 85% discount. Normally, its retails for $65. To reiterate, the original price of the clip-in man bun was $65. 

The bunch of artificial hair that attaches easily to your natural cut is said to be "for the man who wears many hats, but no bun." The description explains that a man may only want to bust out a bun when in certain situations, like when entering an artisanal, organic, gluten-free muffin shop, for instance. This hairpiece gives you the freedom to be a hipster by day, and a guy with short hair and identity issues by night.

Two things to note about the ad for the hairpiece: Apparently, more than 1,000 have already been purchased, proving a sucker is born... well, however often these are purchased. Also, instead of hiring two models with two different hair colors, the man bun producers just photoshopped the model's hair to match the color of the advertised buns. That dude now looks even more ridiculous than just a guy wearing a fake man bun.

But hey, this is one way to boast a bun without going bald. That's something. OK, that's not something. 

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