Only People With Dogs Can Live in This New Apartment Building


If you love trying to sleep amid a storm of yapping, woofing, barking, howling, growling, whimpering, whining, yipping, and arfing, boy, do we have the apartment for you. It's located in a new apartment building filled exclusively with dog owners called Hundehuset or “The Dog House.”

Hundehuset is in Denmark, which means that you'll likely be leaving America if you want to live among the good boys, but people have done more for less, so we say go for it. (Or you could just move to one of the most pet-friendly cities in the US.) On the other hand, if living in a stack of boxes filled with animals vocalizing about the presence of other animals in perpetuity sounds not great to you, stay the hell away. This place wasn't meant for you. You will hate it here. 

If it does appeal, try to snag one of the 18 apartments that entrepreneur Niels Martin Viuff is building in the Frederikssund Municipality in Denmark's northern Zealand. He came up with the idea of a dog-centric building from conversations with local people, so there is, in fact, a market for this.

“There is demand from some dog owners who are tired of there being so many places where dogs are not allowed,” Viuff told the Dutch media company Ritzau. He added, “We want to meet the needs of dog owners. Many are very lonely.”

In putting the project together, Viuff consulted the Danish Kennel Klub, which you no doubt know is Denmark's largest association for dog owners. An advisory group helped decide on dog-friendly features like tough flooring and a dog-bathing area in the building's gardens. 

But you'll have to bring your dog to Viuff to get approval before you settle in: “We want to have dogs that weigh a maximum of 45 kilograms. So we will be avoiding the largest breeds, so (the apartments) won’t be crowded with dogs. But if you have small dogs, more than one is fine,” he said. Forty-five kilograms is just under 100 pounds, so you and your Irish wolfhound likely won't be taking up residence in The Dog House. 

A building devoted to cats is also "on the drawing board," which we imagine will be significantly quieter.

h/t The Local, Mashable

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