Watch a Huntsman Spider Shed Its Skin and Have Nightmares for Life

If spiders give you the willies, the huntsman spider is bound to be your least favorite of your least favorites. The spiders can get huge. It can have a leg span of five inches, and a giant huntsman can have a leg span of up to 12 inches. 

If that's not enough to make your skin crawl, 23-year-old Australian Jake Giannino filmed a huntsman molting in his backyard on December 13. Giannino, a biologist accord to Perth Nowtold the publication it took the badge huntsman more than six minutes to fully shed its skin.

"I have kept loads of huntsman spiders but I have never been lucky enough to capture that before," Giannino told Perth Now. "It's a once in a lifetime experience to see this, especially during the day. Normally, you would have to wait up all night to try and witness it." 

After the molting took place, Giannino stayed in his backyard to feed and protect the spider until its new exoskeleton hardened. "I can definitely see why it would make most people really squeamish," the Healesville, Victoria resident said. "It almost looks like a squid out of water. It is weird, but that is actually when they are at their most defenseless and harmless. When it comes out of the exoskeleton it's body is a velvety, jelly-like consistency."

h/t The Daily Mail

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