Florida Grocery Stores Are Selling Hurricane Irma Cakes and People Don’t Know How to Feel

As Florida braces for Hurricane Irma's arrival this weekend, millions there are either fleeing their homes under mandatory evacuation orders or boarding up their windows, stocking up on supplies, and getting ready to ride out what has already been deemed a record-breaking storm. Meanwhile, some are baking Hurricane Irma-themed cakes. 

As serious and potentially deadly as the weather may get, the bakery department at Publix appears to be doing its best to bring some levity to the situation, judging by the variety of Irma-themed cakes that have been spotted for sale on the grocery store chain's shelves. 

Needless to say, reactions have been mixed. 

On Twitter, many have praised the Sunshine State-based grocery chain, appreciating the effort made, and wishing they had one of their own. Some have even deemed the disaster-inspired desserts as "the most Florida thing ever."

And as colorful and elaborate as some of the cakes are, the majority aren't necessarily celebratory. Most are decorated with some sort of "Go Away Irma" sentiment.

Others aren't so sure, and think they may be in poor taste considering the storm has already claimed several lives and is expected to wreak complete havoc on the state. 

For better or worse, Publix is well aware of what's going on. Its official Twitter account has openly acknowledged the Irma cakes, and seems to be standing behind them. 

Lets face it: there are definitely worse ways to prepare for an epic storm than by keeping a delicious grocery store cake on hand.

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.